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Friday, November 4, 2016


The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display is composed of a fabric which is spread and a DLP projector. Folded, it is hardly bigger than a book.


Handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers are limited by the size of the screen and it is not practical to carry a monitor with you. Hence the brilliant idea of Arovia company: offer the first truly portable monitor 24 inches. Indeed, the SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-up Display) is hardly bigger than a book when folded (17 x 5.5 x 19 cm) weighs 900 g and up like an umbrella to reach the dimensions of a 24 inch (53 x 28 x 36 cm). With 61 cm diagonal, and it offers four times more display area than a laptop 13 inches. 

The SPUD is composed of a fabric, but also a DLP projector that offers a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a brightness of 785 nits. This is far from a real traditional screen, but it's not bad. Its rechargeable battery offers 3 hours of battery to maximum brightness and 6 hours in normal brightness (350 nits). It has two speakers and an HDMI input to connect to a laptop. For smartphones and tablets that do not have HDMI output, he will have to buy an adapter cable or housing without Chromecast type of wire (the SPUD has a USB port for power supply).

The SPUD is currently offered on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform at a price of 374 dollars, with delivery scheduled for June 2017. The project is well emerge as the company raised more than 190,000 dollars of purchases promises about 33,000 necessary dollars.

Source: Kickstarter

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Shoes Find The Best Prices

It is most often attached to their aesthetics when we should especially choose for their convenience and comfort: advice of a podiatrist to choose the most suitable shoes for your foot and your activities.


How are you taking when choosing a pair of shoes for the winter. Come on, admit it, it is still the aesthetic side that takes precedence right? Does the color will complement your wardrobe? This boot mid-calf-it suits your figure? These heels are they not too high for you to walk with class without your pants have appeared to have been washed at 90 °?

While these considerations are not negligible. But if you want to be comfortable in your sneakers (shoes, boots, dress shoes ...) first he'll have to respect the golden rules of footwear.

First rule: choose the right size. To find out yours is easy: just use one of these pédimètres available in shoe shops. But you will not really advanced:  « Do not rely on the size printed on the shoe, says some experts, President of the French Union for foot health. To be sure that the shoe is the right size, it must be, first, easy to put on. Then, when the foot is on the inside, push it forward: you have to have the space to pass the diameter of a finger between the heel and the shoe.»

Second rule: try to buy your shoes rather late in the day. Indeed, feet tend to swell in the end of the day. Better to choose your shoes when your feet are most swollen, otherwise you may feel cramped quickly.

Third rule: check that there is no friction, or point of support brief to any mechanical stress. The shoe should allow the foot to be going well when you walk. «That's the shoe that has to be in front and not the opposite contrary to what we sometimes hear,» said some experts.

Fourth rule: avoid heels over 3.5 to 4 cm. They create an imbalance in posture and an additional stress on the forefoot.

Fifth rule: make sure your foot is kept in the shoe. « The ideal is a stiff leather a few millimeters thick, says some experts. It should not be too thick either if the shoe may be too rigid. Plastic and rubber are rarely a good idea, they are too soft. »


You have anyway eventually fall for this pair of shoes with high heels 12 cm high, although it has been available in 39 (when you put on the 37 and a half ...)? Take anyway a peek at what awaits you if you wear them too often ... 

Too big or too small? It's the same thing: your feet will not like. The friction will create, in the first case because your fleet foot in the shoe, in the second case because there is too cramped. This friction will create blisters and calluses, strong unpleasant. Plus, they may reappear regularly if you continue to wear these shoes. If they are too big, you can, as a bonus, develop micro-tendonitis: «The foot, which floats, trying to hold onto the shoe, it is this movement of tension that will cause tendonitis, » said some experts. 

A little too high-pitched heel? Yes it's true, this is pretty shapely legs. Yes, but you may find yourself quickly with nails into claws, which is already less charming! By creating additional pressure on the forefoot, the shoe will encourage toes to curl up. of calluses and of corns are going to likewise forming. 

High heels are bad if you already have bad back occasionally. They also suffer the knee joints. too worn regularly, they can even shorten the muscles and tendons of the calf, This not provoke pain later when you want to board flat shoes. Not to mention it is better to have a sense of balance if one does not want spraining his ankle in the first subway exit. If you would still like to wear high heels, the ideal is to alternate with another pair of shoes, lowest, to let your feet and your little legs the opportunity to rest.

Too rigid shoes can hurt the foot and hinder you from walking properly: the walk will not take place properly. Too soft and may bend your ankle at a street corner. Ouch.


Here's who will be severely tested. The sneakers are, by definition, are particularly stressed. As your feet when you practice a sport (other than swimming ...). Must therefore be vigilant in choosing them.

It falls perhaps obvious, but needless to say anyway. Choose which suitable shoes to your sport: soccer shoes are not the same as running shoes for jogging, which are also different from your tennis shoes. You're struggling to make a difference? Seek advice to sellers in sports shops rather than risk the fatal mistake.

A still constant for all sneakers: the lacing is very important, whatever it is (true laces, Velcro ...). You have to feel that the shoe is in place and that the foot is well locked.

Choose the pair that fits you is already a sport in itself. Not only does it reflect the sport, but also your anatomy, your weight and the surface on which you will practice. Thus, tennis, ideally, you will not wear the same pair of shoes as you play on clay court or grass.

Let us dwell a moment on the running shoes. They deserve indeed special attention because, while jogging, feet and body as a whole are practically mistreated, It is therefore necessary to surround them as best as possible so they do not suffer. «In current, when the front foot alights on the ground, it supports up to 7 times the weight of the runner, says  some experts. Thus, a person weighing 50 kg will be 350 kg on the front foot with each step. » Bad for the walk but also for all joints if you do not opt for shoes which allow amortise these blows repetition.

- When selecting your pair of running, take a size above your usual size: feet swell a lot during a jog and you are too tight in your shoes, you may get blisters and black toenails, from having knocked on the tip of the shoe.

- Take a pair of lightweight shoes, if you do not want to feel like dragging yourself. «Between 150 and 200 grams,» said  some experts.

- Do not use too long your pair of running because after a while, it will be less effective in terms of depreciation, for example. «They say in general it should be changed between 800 km and 1200 km. At a rate of 30 km per week, this means approximately every two years.»


Ah, summer, the season of flip flops and sandals! As the foot like to feel the warm sun on her skin. Getting together and free, it's so nice! But is it so good for health? Yes, says podiatrist  some experts, although it should take certain precautions. «It's fine to wear open shoes summer, this allows it to breathe and be comfortable. When walking on the sand, I would recommend the same to be barefoot. »

The problem is that flip-flops and other sandals are not suitable for walking or shape of the foot, you can imagine, all with their flat soles and lack of attire. So they can trigger muscle pain. Butbizarrely they will not appear immediately. They will manifest themselves rather in the fall,  when to hand over the city shoes.

The solution in order to avoid this annoyance of the season? «You have to alternate and do not wear the same shoes all summer, said the podiatrist. One day tap dancing and sandals, not forgetting occasionally dress shoes, so that the foot can rest a bit. »

The health of your feet in summer also means wearing the appropriate footwear when you are days of «real» work. If you have decided to trudge on the Acropolis of Athens, avoid flip-flops: walking shoes are the best option. If you are simply a lot of kilometers on foot without the ground is particularly uneven, some sports stores are now walking sandals, comfortable and that maintain much better foot than traditional sandals. And they do not dépareilleront with your small turquoise dress or your summer shorts.


After using the knees of his pants for weeks, your child is about to take its first steps, you feel, even if you balance still seems a bit unstable. You say it's time he had a pair of shoes worthy of the name. And he must choose it, just to put the odds on his side.

Stop there! Not so fast! «Do not rush to buy him shoes, tempers some experts. Walking barefoot in the house is fine, it allows him to feel hot and cold. It must still avoid it skids: why there are socks with small anti-slip soles. This is very handy at home. »

  • When you choose her first pair of shoes to go out, here's what you need to pay attention.

  • First, avoid those refourguer her big brother brought when he was learning to walk. Although it has not brought the long and seem like new, he has still made his foot, they are deformed and this is not good for the foot of your second.

  • To choose the right size, make sure the shoe is 12 to 16 mm longer than the foot of your child.

  • The sole should not be slippery, but still thin enough that your child feels good when he sets foot.
  • Privilege the High top shoes, ankle that is well maintained. They should not be too rigid so as not to support either of the joint.
  • They must also enclose the foot well, either with laces or Velcro.


If you have a teenager at home, you probably know how difficult it can be to make him put on a pair of «real» shoes. His hobby, these are the shoes. Yet it surely appoint not like that but rather by specific brand of shoes he wants to wear. And are, of course, expensive.

  • Besides the aesthetic aspect (each his own, anyway!), Sports shoes are really not ideal for everyday wear.

  • They then encourage all kinds of small problems: fungal infections, ingrown nails, excessive sweating ...

  • The materials used, although they have evolved, do not allow such a sustained support for the foot, which therefore tends to take it easy in the shoe.

  • Result, when the time comes to enter the world of work and, therefore, often wearing street shoes, ouch! The foot is not used and may suffer martyrdom to find and stuck in the leather.

The ideal is to try to convince your child to alternate between sneakers and dress shoes to avoid difficult days in adulthood.


Another concern may arise in children: poor posture, a slight defect in how to set foot can cause a range of skeletal deformity, including knees and back.

«Too many doctors still tell parents to wait, we will see when they are older. This is a mistake because then we must intervene and instead of preventing it is much more complicated,» laments some experts .

The chiropodists recommends routine visits from 3 years. « Today's braces are very thin, only a few millimeters, and very playful. Thousands of children carry in their shoes. They adapt to all closed shoes.»


As we age, the balance often becomes more uncertain. The choice of the shoe becomes even more important. «Falls in the elderly are common and often dramatic,» insists the chiropodists some experts. In the best cases, rehabilitation is often long and painful. In the worst case, a bad fall can cause death. The boot should be special attention «even at this age, the feet are often deformed and painful.»

  • So you need a sufficiently high shoe in front to the toes, often claw, have space.

  • choose a fairly large shoe for stability.

  • Always for stability, she must enclose the foot, with a good lacing.

  • Selected of the soles of a thickness between 0.5 cm and 1 cm, so that the person may well feel the ground and any rough edges. No heels.

  • Avoid seams at the forefoot, which can interfere with walking.

  • Make shoes easy to slip on.

These recommendations apply to footwear but also to the slippers worn inside. some experts insists that the best prevention tale falls, is to do regular exercise: « The ideal is to walk outside every day, rather than simply trampling home. »


Your back is your weak point. You are regularly subject to lumbago and other nasty muscle pain sometimes nail you to bed Choosing the right shoe can help, if not to eliminate the pain, at least not worse.

  • The heels should be avoided. Messieurs, this should not a priori be too complicated. Ladies, you have to settle for you to grow 3 to 4 cm maximum. Beyond the heels completely unbalance your posture and additionally accentuate the small of the back. It may be pretty, but it is not good for your vertebrae.

  • Also avoid semi-rigid soles clogs types: « They end up causing foot pain but also to the knees and back,» said some experts.

  • Also check to the chiropodist that the posture of your feet is correct. Maybe a slight imbalance he helps develop these back pain. A simple pair of orthotics (of the soles, what ...) may be sufficient to solve your problem.

« But I want to emphasize that back problems mainly come very often to overweight. It is also bad for the joints of the legs, on which it weighs. » Besides a good boot, have a regular and balanced eating physical activity should help you better carry you.


Diabetes is dangerous for the feet, even if it does not seem obvious at first. Two of the main complications of diabetes have direct consequences on the health of the feet.

It can cause neuropathy: Foot nerves feel no more, or less, the pain. The diabetic can therefore be injured, for example with shoes too tight or rubbing too, do not feel well and spoil the foot.

  • The peripheral arterial vascularization generates a lower legs, they are less well irrigated.

  • « The slightest ache can thus turn to disaster, says some experts. A small wound can quickly become infected and this infection may turn into gangrene if the person does not notice in time. Some 13,000 amputations and place every year in France. »

  • To avoid this, you have to practice a visual inspection of their feet daily, to identify immediately a small injury. But it is also appropriate prevention, choosing appropriate footwear. « This is crucial.»

  • These shoes must fully respect the anatomy of the foot, for there to be comfortably.

  • For this, we must know perfectly the steps of his foot. It is good to consult a podiatrist, who can help you determine what kind of shoes you want and what size.

  • Be sure to check inside there are no seams or sharp protrusions that could potentially cause irritation.

  • And above all, at the slightest alarm, immediately consult your doctor. The management must be as fast as possible to avoid any consequences.


Hallux valgus is the most distinguished scientific name for the famous onion foot. This bony overgrowth at the joint between the foot and the big toe on the inside of the foot, is not only unsightly but often painful. Indeed difficult to find a shoe that leaves enough space for this onion: friction thus aggravating the situation. For some patients, the operation to reduce this protrusion may be advised. For others, simply wearing suitable footwear may be enough to relieve them.

  • To choose his shoes, one must have in mind that this is rubbing against the shoe that will cause pain throughout the day. The foot should suffer the least possible stress. The ideal seems to opt for broad and flexible shoes.

  • The pumps are of course not recommended: not only they will be uncomfortable (if not importable by the evolution of hallux valgus) but which may increase the strain).

  • Conversely, the soft shoes and without heels are particularly suitable. Similarly, in summer, flip flops are an excellent solution since the inside of the foot is almost completely free.

The best way to choose is to ask your podiatrist, he will give you more specific advice depending on the degree of your bunion and your pain.


The purchase of the first pair of baby shoes is always an event! Our tips to buy no mistaken


According to some experts, it is better to wait until the child walk for three months, the risk that the foot does not muscle. Others believe, however, that you can put on when he stands up or at times. In any case, at first, feel free to leave Baby barefoot or wearing light shoes. This will allow it to more easily find its balance and beef up her feet. Also enjoy a vacation for it to work on soft ground like sand or grass. In this manner, his foot will learn to contract, to improve its stability. First sandals to 1 year.

«At 9 months, my son wanted to get up. It was winter, so I bought some warm slippers leather, zippered so it does not remove. skin in the sole allow him to take a good support. It now moves pushing a cart and wants to walk in promenade I chose her first shoes: closed sandals. Surprised to have a little tight feet, he did it very quickly » Guillemette. - Bourges (18) 


Your child will never tell you that his shoes are too small and hurt his feet. So, between 1 and 2 years, you will have to buy him new shoes every four or five months. Better knowledge and provide next budget! Also, always prefer quality at cheap. You've heard plenty of advice to «save» like buying a size up to win a pair, because «his feet grow so fast.» Error?! It should never be too big, walking not yet acquired for your little one. Learning with inappropriate shoes would not facilitate this task, it might take a bad support. 

Issue size, use a foot shoe measurer ?: consider putting your child standing because its not muscular foot will easily win a centimeter. Before buying, make sure the size of the boot is perfect, you need to move your index finger between the heel and the back of the shoe.

foot shoe measurer
foot shoe measurer

You do not have to foot shoe measurer? Put Baby standing barefoot on a large sheet of paper. Trace around his feet, cut out the shape and compare it with the shoes. How often grow feet Baby? Now that his first shoes are adopted, regularly ensure the growth of its feet. Your bout'chou size will change quickly during its first two years. Remember to check from time to time wear and deformations to always make him a perfect fit.

If his approach worries you, remember that consulting a podiatrist before its 4 years is useless, because nothing is final and it is evolving very quickly. Some figures An infant, 12 shoes and there are shoes from size 16. For small, it is advisable to choose a higher size of a good cm to the foot. Thus the toes do not overlap and the foot has all the room to spread out. At 18 months, the feet of the boys measure half of what they will do as adults. For girls, that is 1 year that this comparison is done. Around 3-4 years, adult approach is acquired. Baby's size changes every two months until its 9 months and approximately every 4 months. From 2 years, foot gains 10 mm per year, a size and a half. 

baby shoes
Baby Shoes


Laces or velcro? high shoes or low? Our advice to make the best choice among all child models ...

There are several important criteria to choose the shoes of her child. Ask yourself the right questions :

What closure system?

During the first year, prefer laces: maintaining better and laces adapt better to the shape of the instep of the foot. Namely: more lacing, the lower the shoe will open widely. It will be more fit to your baby. As soon as he begins to dress himself (sometimes as early as two years), opt for scratches, he will learn the autonomy more easily.

high shoes or low?

Low shoes are not recommended for toddlers. But then she allow the ankle to strengthen. Senior models better hold the foot and wedge heel. But carried too early, they keep too much, do not facilitate walking and create some muscle laziness. From 2 or 3 years, it can wear any style.

Is the zipper at the back useful?

It is used to put the shoe more easily, but avoid using it because you might not sufficiently unlace the shoes. Suddenly, the little foot is not positioned correctly, it gets stuck and toes are placed as they can in a too tight sock.

Should we buy shoes that hug the arch?

Feet of a baby, rather fat and round, often flattened by muscular insufficiency of the arch. It will begin to dig that around 18 months - 2 years. The arch shoes are unnecessary at the toddler who keeps her quilting foot plant.

Can you use the shoes of the elder?

It is often said that you should never make a child wear the shoes of the elder because they are distorted. But experts say that "for toddlers, it is less important." Their shoes are generally not worn and do not show signs of wear. The varnish of the sole is often still visible and the heel is not initiated by a foot walking slowly.

The advantages of a good shoe

  - From the above leather and lining, only material that prevents allergies.

  - A non-slip sole of a maximum thickness cm. It must be tough, but not too rigid not oppose place footsteps.

  - A rising stem, but quite flexible.

  - A rigid enough to buttress the heel remains stable.

  - A front part of the shoe well wide. For a baby who does not yet know well bend the foot, it is good that the toe of the shoe is raised.

  - A tongue of good length for it is she who protects the instep of the foot.

Be careful not to fall back when tightening the laces: the bead thus constituted could hurt baby.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Recent technical advances have allowed experts to deliver Compact Digital Cameras image quality close to that of reflex for a fraction of their size. Here are the 10 best in our tests.

Image quality or compact? Both general! Taking advantage of optical increasingly compact and bright and the famous sensor 1 inch, compact experts now offer image quality that challenges reflex: housings, the optical delivered in kit often pale in comparison to those of their little brothers. The high price of these compact - sometimes equivalent to an entry level SLR camera! is explained by the quality of the components and their extreme miniaturization.


The schedule of conditions Compact experts begins with optics, whose high quality and brightness confined to the modest zoom powers generally between x3 and x7. Compared with a compact simple, an "expert" model is often much better built (premium finishes, durability) provides the RAW image format (digital negative) and has all the possible walkouts manuals. The capabilities of an SLR in a pocket format sum.

In the past, the target of the manufacturers was essentially « real photographers »  who sought a compact able to accompany their (s) SLR camera. Now the movement is rather to look more broadly for reaching discerning users seeking the power of SLR camera in a pocket size. Proof by example with the arrival for the first time, said a compact travel: the Lumix TZ100. A device with a power zoom (x10) « family » gives him the palm of the versatility of this comparison (quality / zoom power). Great versatility which allows him to make an entrance directly into the third position of our ranking! 


In four years, the technology has evolved so much that experts are starting to tease Compact Digital SLR camera image quality side, for only a fraction of their weight. The parallel with the SLR camera is so prégnant that our test methods are the same. Some experts Compact Digital Cameras to larger sensors like the LX100 of Panasonic, produce images difficult or impossible to distinguish from those of their big brothers (if they are not equipped with high-end optical).


The Holy Trinity of digital photography consists of the sensor, optics and image processor. In all these areas, the years pass and the fierce competition has led to significant progress.

The arrival of the sensor 1 inch in the Sony RX100 in 2012 has radically changed the situation. For the first time a manufacturer has managed to achieve unparalleled image quality in an ultra-compact format. The optical advances have further to go until the opening of f / 1.4 at wide angle and f / 2.8 at the end of zoom, even with a large sensor like the LX100.

As to the processors, all the improvements of manufacturing processes from the world of telephony make the new chips became true gross calculation. This improvement not only benefits the burst and quality image processing, but the autofocus speed, again, rivals the SLR camera and hybrids. This power boost also allows these cameras to meet the requirements of a recording in 4K. And rendering is sometimes exceptional!

Other equipment increasingly widespread among the experts Compact Digital Cameras: the electronic viewfinder. A component whose quality has steadily improved in recent years due to soaring hybrids - to replace an SLR camera you need a viewfinder. Becoming better defined, these sights are found on the most impressive devices like the LX100. Sony has however proved with its RX100 Mark III it was possible to integrate into devices in pocket format. The current quality level viewfinders finally satisfying and we already seen arriving on non-expert ranges, such as ultra-zoom Compact Digital Cameras « normal ».


This comparison deals with a kind of compact experts: the housings equipped with a normal zoom. This is important because in addition to these conventional devices, two other types were developed: fixed focal length compact experts and experts in Compact Digital powerful zoom.

The first category - Compact Digital fixed focal experts - take large sensor (APS-C or full-frame) and optical high-flying fixed equipment that allows them to tu reflex cameras. But the lack of zoom intends them to an audience more expert, able to settle for a 28 mm or 35 mm. These devices are called X100T Fujifilm, Sony RX1R Mark II, Ricoh GR II, Leica Q, Sigma DP2 Quattro, etc. Sharp devices, limited use, but incredibly attractive for many photographers.

The second category, that of « bridges experts » offers the image quality of an expert compact (or an SLR) but with a zoom more powerful than the standard. Emerging as «invented» in 2013, this category might have a bright future because it combines image quality, good ergonomics «to SLR camera» and good quality / zoom, conventional bridges often with disappointing image quality and compact experts insufficient zoom range for many users. These two categories will be later comparative dedicated.

The following ranking is drawn from a permanent comparison of compact cameras experts who gets different scores for each product. Of course the image quality is noted (colors, mounted ISO) but also factors such as ergonomics, speed of use (speed menus, development speed) or the quantity / and quality! of the functionalities.

Finally, the appreciation of the tester also weighs quite heavy - about 25% of the note - for the simple reason that a camera is a creative tool that we take almost for granted. More subjective test a TV, the camera test necessarily takes into account the fun we had to use the object.

Here are the top 10 best models according to tests conducted until October 17, 2016.

10. Fujifilm X-Q2

Fujifilm X-Q2

Slim format, so very easy to slip into the pocket of a shirt, the XQ2 is part of the range of "elegant", with a retro design & clean. His two technical strengths are the quality of jpeg color and overall responsiveness of the device, always ready to shoot and quick to make the point (in daylight). The rise in high sensitivity is not great, the fault too small sensor. Price: $ 379.

9. Olympus Stylus 1

Olympus Stylus 1

If he had to give up large sensor 1 inch for reasons of price and size, 1 on the Stylus offers a rare power zoom Compact Digital among experts: a x10,7 zoom, which is now rivaled by that of the TZ100. Experts of the Compact Digital, it recovers RAW mode and a bright optical over the entire focal length (f / 2.8). And (big) bonus in addition to its swiveling screen, it has a quality electronic viewfinder. Price: $ 569.

08. Panasonic Lumix TZ100

Panasonic Lumix TZ100

Theoretically the Lumix TZ100 is the last scion of a series  Compact candy dedicated to travel. In truth, the TZ100 is a mutant: the large sensor classic 1 inch range, it adds a x10 zoom, magnification unprecedented power in a small package. If its sheer image quality is slightly less than the leaders in the category - he had to sacrifice a bit of sharpness and brightness on the altar of the zoom power, it is the most versatile of the competition and offers all the experts refinements: electronic viewfinder, 4K video, RAW mode, etc. Price: $ 699. 

7. Canon PowerShot G7X

Take RX100 Mark II, give the rotating screen more flexibility (for selfies), pass the all-metal finish that Canon has the secret and you get a nice compact expert in the line of PowerShot S. Nothing innovative well, but the copy is clean. Attention to energy consumption: in normal mode it only holds 200 pictures, the eco fashion is not a luxury. And the purchase of one (or two) battery (s) extra (s) may soon be necessary when you get out of the cities (hiking, etc.) Price: $ 569. 

6. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark II

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark II

Evolution of the first RX100 This Mark II has a swivel screen, Wi-Fi and a more sensitive sensor. Between an older Mark I and Mark III a very expensive, the Mark II still has meaning and therefore remains at the Sony catalog. That is, if it is a safe bet. Price: $ 475.

05. Canon PowerShot G5X

Canon PowerShot G5X

Superbly constructed, the PowerShot compact G5X is the most serious ever produced expert Canon recent years. His exemplary construction quality, this is probably the sturdiest of this ranking - actually a device that has no qualms to take anywhere. Its viewfinder is excellent and very good optics. Too bad that autonomy is so feeble and Canon will be kept to a minimum in terms of features - no 4K video for example. Price: $ 849.

4. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark III

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark III

King of miniaturization, Sony has managed to integrate an electronic viewfinder and a rotating screen in a housing that fits in a jacket pocket, a real feat. Taking advantage of the same sensor as the RX100 Mark II, this new version introduces an even brighter optics. We must realize the amount of integrated technologies to accept that such a small device is also expensive. Price: $ 749.  

3. Fujifilm X30

Fujifilm X30

With his «small» and its optical sensor to moderate specifications (f / 2-2.8), the X30 does not look. Except that engineers Fuji, uncompromising with the image quality, made miracles: the pictures are beautiful, well-stitched, the beautiful colors and the small electronic viewfinder does the job. Compact, strong and not too expensive, it is one of our favorites. Price: $ 529.

2. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark IV

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark IV

Based on the RX100 Mark III, Mark IV version of this advantage of the same rotating screen and a very good retractable electronic viewfinder which provides an even faster speed AF, 4K video and video modes slowed up to 1,000 frames per second. A compact housing that performance that only suffers from one defect: a very high price. Price: $ 1,050.

1. Panasonic Lumix LX100

Panasonic Lumix LX100

The LX100 is a demonstration of the expertise of Panasonic. With its large sensor Micro 4/3 (larger than 1 inch Sony!), it offers the same definition 12 Mpix in all formats (4/3, 3/2, 16/9, etc.) and great picture quality. Besides its rich equipment (AF competition, electronic viewfinder, touch screen, etc.), it is the only film in 4K. Price: $ 759.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hybrid PC offer greater flexibility in the use of Windows, and are thus suitable for many uses. But which one to choose among all the references available? Here are the ten best models of the moment according to the tests ourselves.

Marginal before the arrival of Windows 8 and 8.1, hybrid PC invaded ranges of builders in two years. and Windows 10 accelerated the movement. Indeed, Microsoft designed Windows 8 to be almost entirely driven with the fingertips. builders have first had the idea, as Lenovo and its Yoga, the development of devices whose screen is mounted on hinges that allow it to rotate 360 ° around the keyboard. the screen and easily found the back of the machine, facilitating a tablet use.

Thereafter, the fertile imagination of engineers gave birth to laptops equipped with a detachable touch screen, half tablet, half computer, hoping to offer the best of both worlds. a wager more or less light depending on the models and brands.


They are «hybrids», «convertible», «2 in 1» or «4 in 1», all PCs have two things in common. the first is their touchscreen, third wheel of the car for navigation. for, it is clear that after several hours of use without key to put in the fingers, it is impossible to properly grasp and quickly longer texts. the touch, like a tablet, finds its utility when surfing on the Internet, or that we show photos or videos or friends. 

Second Common to all these machines, they are perfectly capable of running apps necessities, without slowing, and even more at the same time for some references. However, for large programs of photo editing or video, we must focus on the most high-end models because usually with Intel Core i3 to Core i7 processors. If the coveted convertible is equipped with an Atom or Core M, the options are more limited. 


Finally, tackle the sensitive issue of autonomy. If Android tablet or iPad can keep up more than ten hours without worry, this is not the case of our beloved Windows hybrids. We conduct several tests, simulating all of the various activities performed on the machine, with a more or less high illumination intensity and network exchanges, or very little support. Result, detachable are mostly less durable than portable PC contortionists. There are a few exceptions to the rule but they are rare.


Transform an iPad (Air or not) or iPad Mini Small «computer» was possible by adding a Bluetooth keyboard or cover with integrated keyboard. But with the arrival of the iPad Pro last fall, followed by iPad Pro 9.7 inches, Apple takes, too, the way of convertible ... although he denies it. Thus, like its competitor Microsoft, the Cupertino book XL slate without a keyboard but also without stylus. Both accessories to buy extra. 

No Mac OS X here, but iOS 9, the same system as slates and smartphones of the brand. herefore remains confined to the application park from the App Store. No doubt the arrival of the device gives ideas to large both publishers and independent to enable users of Pro iPad to fully exploit the power of labor but also the power components enclosed in the slate. 

Despite the release of iPad Pro, absent from this comparison because impossible to test the Windows 10 and therefore to have a common basis for comparison with the PC, the convertible remains only ... PC precisely. So here's our Top 10 of, based only on machines tested by us.



Released right after the Pro version of Surface 3 wants the perfect tablet for students. Delivered with Office, it is equipped with the latest Intel Atom processors (x7) and a 10.8-inch screen on which all apps are displayed without worry. She even surprised us when we had to decode 4K and run multiple applications simultaneously. Unfortunately, the stylus and keyboard are sold separately. Count $ 50 for the first and 150 USD for the second. So the price of all exceed 800 USD. Finally autonomy side, the area 3 is doing honorably but fails to get a place among the good tablet and stays away laptops. Hence his tenth place.

Price manufacturer: 599 USD



If we appreciated the proven strength of the casing and the power delivered by the Intel platform this Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Series, we have some reservations about his ability to get a place in the highly saturated segment hybrid laptops. He entered the rankings in ninth place. rear position he owes to autonomy and a fair bit to its touch screen, whose quality does not convince.

Price manufacturer: from 600 USD



At the same time beautiful and fine, Radius 12 Toshiba is one of the last representatives of the high-end PC of the Japanese brand in the global ground. To recall, Toshiba stops all PC activity in our country but it Radius continues to be commercially available. Like the vast majority of machines of this top 10, it is a convertible tablet half and half PC. His 12.5-inch screen is really good, the best in the ranking, ideal for enjoying videos and pictures without distortion of images or colors. Only concern, disabling for mobile machine its endurance is not quite at its price. 

Price manufacturer: from 899 USD



The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet 4 fall to seventh place it is clear that its small size of 12.3 inches and the good quality of its screen fail altogether to save its hardware can not play the card of the novelty since competition has largely caused to migrate references on Skylake Intel platform. and autonomy, is not satisfactory for a camera of this price. finally, the Redmond giant continues to offer its input device ... optional! So add 150 USD for the keyboard in 1450 requested for the Surface Pro 4 for an ultraportable hybrid worthy of the name.

Price manufacturer: Approx $ 1450 + $ 150 for the keyboard

6. HP SPECTRE X2 12 (12-A000NF)

HP SPECTRE X2 12 (12-A000NF)

The Spectre 12 x2 is a copy, much less expensive in some surface Pro 4, its entry-level version. However, this is HP, meanwhile, comes with backlit keyboard and pen to write on the 12-inch touch screen (Full HD) which is not the case with slate star of Microsoft, regardless of its version. On this small spectrum, we enjoyed the finish of the foot and the deployment system of the latter, but also the presence of two USB Type-C, one for charging the battery of the machine.  Battery which, incidentally, holds all awake between 6 h 30 and 8 h 30 depending on the uses and stresses on the configuration certainly cut out for the usual tasks and not 3D. Which is pretty good.

Price manufacturer: from 1000 USD



Yoga 900 Lenovo gets the fifth position in our ranking. this convertible contortionist is proposed from 1500 USD, and has strong arguments to convince: Intel Core i5 or Core i7 latest, between 8 and 16 GB of memory but, especially, 256 to 512 GB SSD based models. Endurance is not left since between 6 and 8 hours according to our protocols. one big shadow to the blackboard the 13.3-inch touch screen qHD + (3200 by 1800 pixels) was considered of poor quality by our test probe. And at this price, it does not forgive! 

Price manufacturer: from 1500 USD



At size 10 inches and sold at a small price, the Transformer Book T100HA ranks fourth in the top. Yet this small hybrid Windows 10 is not a powerhouse, its Atom x5 processor is not capable of feats. It is thanks to the excellent battery life (almost 10 hours), to its compactness or at the very good quality of its screen that manages to get a place among the "big". The version we tested late 2015 remained to catalog Asus ... and is even extended in some stores for the autumn. Other versions with 4GB of memory and / or 128 GB of eMMC storage are planned at the advertised prices between 350 and $ 400. 

Price manufacturer: from USD 300



Surface Book. Here is the first laptop hybrid Official of Microsoft design. And for our first contact with the beast, we had the most high-end version of its creation. The result for the offer, it costs almost 3000 USD. At this price, however we have a very good processor, memory galore, a large SSD and finally a graphics card housed in the keyboard part. That proves otherwise very pleasant to use. In the box, the device is still in the game and makes handwriting input on the screen of ease. Screen that shows exceptional quality, that we would like to find more often on laptops. With an autonomy range between 7 and 8 h 45, he won the "Good" mention as our tests. But crack at this price is difficult, even if the device seduced. 

Price manufacturer: from 1000 USD 

2. HP SPECTRE X360 13 (13-4204NF)

HP SPECTRE X360 13 (13-4204NF)

HP is positioned on the second step of the podium with the Spectre x360 13 new generation. On the form, this unit almost not change, with a 13.3-inch touch screen mounted on hinges which allows it to rotate 360 ° and stick to the back of the machine. The model we tested is a bit special because is equipped with an OLED panel! Normally much better than the widespread IPS panels, it actually offers a contrast ratio "abysmal" but brightness, more timid. Too bad for a machine of this price. Other good points, we must also stress the right cocktail of components and the really conclusive autonomy: nearly 9 hours of video playback, screen thoroughly.

Price: from $ 1,800



Samsung had said the PC in Europe, it's over! Fortunately, the Korean income is exceptionally his decision and markets the Galaxy S TabPro on the Old Continent. This is a Galaxy tablet in Windows 10 that actually is a hybrid PC thanks to its magnetic keyboard. This TabPro increases from PC to tablet in a jiffy. Here is a hybrid we'd like to see more often. It is not power that we put in his eyes, because this device is modest, its main role consists in overcoming common tasks. His first real strength, Super AMOLED is its 12-inch display (2160 by 1440 pixels), which technically makes to blush with shame all other devices in this roundup. The second feature of the Galaxy S TabPro is undoubtedly its autonomy: nearly 10 hours of video playback. Almost a record on search. To note, the price is down $ 200 on average this autumn: a very good deal. 

Price manufacturer: $ 1,000

Saturday, September 24, 2016


The future high-end smartphone from Samsung boarded a GPU ARM Mali-G71, whose power would be 1.8 times higher than the current Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

While the problems concerning the Galaxy Note 7 (read our review of the Galaxy Note 7) are still among the hot topics, replaced with models that work poorly, Samsung Galaxy S8 is again talking about him. There are ten days as to forget the failure (or at least distract) the launch of its latest PHABLET, rumors indicated that Samsung could advance the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. If it should not be released until next year, SamMobile seems to know a little more about the graphics power of the future high-end smartphone from Samsung.



The new processor, dubbed Exynos 8895 will be accompanied by a graphics chip ARM Mali-G71 that qualifies SamMobile 1.8 times higher performance than the Mali-T880 MP12 integrated with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

A power that will allow the smartphone to run any game, play videos and 4K, as is the trend, manage without too much difficulty virtual reality applications. This is also one of the benefits of its new ARM architecture Bifrost, optimized for virtual reality and 4K. Which then allows to reinforce the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could integrate a touchscreen 4K. Finally, according to SamMobile, the GPU operates at 850 MHz and is etched by 16 nm. No indication is made instead on its energy consumption. 

Whether to take new rumors lightly, it is a sacred power that looks to the future flagship of Samsung. Roll on the first results of tests ...

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Thinner than any other PHABLET, Moto Z is also a highly modular model. Unfortunately for him, his finesse is also a disadvantage: its battery is far from the more durable the market.

First high end model of Motorola designed entirely under the banner of its new owner Lenovo, Moto Z is characterized by a system of additional modules. We will soon return to these accessories. We will content ourselves, in this testing, we look at the pure performance of the smartphone.

With only 5.2 mm thick, Moto Z ranks as one of the thinnest smartphones on the market. It must be acknowledged, the effect is really striking when taken in hand. Unfortunately, such a design implies that the Photo block exceeds the back cover prominently.

Another defect: very sharp edges that make the sometimes unpleasant handling. The smartphone is fortunately comes with a magnetic protective cover (This is the same mounting system present on the Mods) which is pressed to the back. If it helps give the mobile a more pleasant hand made, it increases, however, the overall thickness of the device.



On the low range, we also note the absence of audio jack. If this makes you think about the iPhone 7, it's normal, it's exactly the same principle as Lenovo adopted here. Except that the audio signal transmission is not done via a Lightning port, but by USB Type-C. To remedy this lack, the manufacturer has also included in its box a USB Type-C to Jack Adapter.

We will necessarily use this device with headphones come with the smartphone, their connections remaining jack. For consistency, we can forget. Other ergonomic inconvenience the cable of quick charger, very cumbersome moreover, is crimped into the outlet. so it is impossible to use it to connect the Moto Z to a computer. A choice really not practical that requires the user to purchase a second USB Type-C cable, for example, synchronize the phone with a computer.


On the interface, the manufacturer has chosen to continue the policy that made its previous models very pleasant to use. The Moto Z and uses almost no overlay on its Android 6, inherited a choice from Google few years, at the time when the US giant acquired with the manufacturer. This especially enables faster deployment updates of the operating system. 

Use side, we note the presence of a fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen. Devoid of mechanics, it is not a real button, plus a touchpad. However, it can pause the device (or unlock) when used leaving his finger placed on it during a big second.

Question screen, Lenovo has here chosen to equip this model of a slab AMOLED Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) 5.5-inch. As always with this technology black are perfect. The brightness rises in return only 375 cd / m². This is significantly worse than the Galaxy S adopts the same AMOLED technology but manage to exceed 600 cd / m².


The display is managed by classical Adreno 530 graphics chip coupled to the processor Snapdragon 820 Qualcomm, clocked here at 1.8GHz, when competitors using the same processor usually choose a speed of 2.2 GHz. This choice is wise to use. The processor and especially its graphics chip proves sufficiently powerful for navigating the interface is ultra fluid, like 3D games. The test with the application Epic Citadel, one reaches also the 60 frames per second, without noting any slowdown after several tens of minutes. This attests to a great technical mastery from the Chinese manufacturer, especially with a Quad HD display. 

With a form factor of such finesse difficult for Lenovo to cram in this Moto Z a huge battery. This is only a model of 2600 mAh which team so this smartphone, away from the usual capabilities of these large formats. This feels so logically on the results of our versatile test where the model performs only 7 hours 18 m. It is in much better fate in communications with 26 hours 21m, but the overall autonomy remains very mixed. The choice to curb the processor at 1.8GHz nonetheless limited the damage.

We could say much the same of photographs taken with the 13-megapixel sensor Moto Z. Rather good in the light, they are marking time as soon as the last drop. However, it remains in the top of the basket of the Photo quality, but without reaching the performance of a Galaxy S6 or S7, for example. Small also regret the video side: if the image is stabilized it is still too choppy and distorted for a smartphone price level. Finally, note that the 5-megapixel sensor on the front accompanied him as a flash to make selfies in the dark.

Moto Z Very powerful, with a beautiful display, but less convincing as to its autonomy and photos skills, Moto Z remains, after all, if not a total success, at least an extremely attractive smartphone. It is furthermore helped by interesting design and modularity.


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